September 26, 2019



Yelp, Inc.

140 New Monterey St.

San Francisco, CA 94105-3705


Attn: Yelp Business Development Team

Re: Business Categories “Faith Based Crisis Pregnancy Centers.”




It has come to our attention that Members of CAPC who have Yelp listings for their organizations have been categorized as “Faith Based Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” Where each of the 173 locations across California had an opportunity before to choose the category they should fall under, now their choice has been restricted. CAPC requests that this restriction be lifted for the following reasons:


CAPC is committed to advocating for our members. Every woman deserves a place where they can make unbiased reproductive decisions, and find the support and care they need to welcome their children into their community. Thank you for everything Yelp is doing to guide men and women to our organizations. The reputation, branding, and identity of our member organizations is a vital asset to our operations. I am sure this matter can be resolved for the benefit of all.



Josh McClure