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Registration at California Alliance of Pregnancy Care is by request only. Please fill out the details below to submit a registration request.



  • Organization is a California corporation in good standing with a sitting board of directors.
  • A Center or Clinic whose purpose is to assist Californians facing unintended pregnancy with the hope that they will make a life affirming decision.
  • Agreement with the California Alliance of Pregnancy Care Mission Statement (Our mission is to promote life affirming alternatives to abortion, advocate our movement and reproductive justice in California).
  • The Executive Director agrees to the California Alliance of Pregnancy Care Statement of Faith.
  • Recognizes the calling from God on each of the other members, and allow grace for those whose vision and model differ from our own.
  • Abides by the joint National Affiliate "Commitment of Care and Competency."
  • Organizations providing medical services will: Function under the authority and direction of a licensed physician who is in good standing with the State physician licensing board.
  • Only utilize trained and licensed medical professionals to perform medical procedures, including ultrasounds.
  • Centers that do not have a medical license or are not the principle practice of a physician do not present themselves as a clinic or providing medical services.
  • Committed to quickening client care by a physician for pregnancy, educating clients in all the options available, promoting critical thinking in decision making, advocating for life affirming decisions while not obstructing or delaying a decision to the contrary.
  • Will neither initiate nor facilitate independent adoptions.
  • Advocates for abstinence until marriage, and encouragement for them to seek out their pastor and OB/Gyn regarding birth control.
  • Opposes the use of violence, vandalism or illegal activity to achieve the goal of preserving, promoting and defending the sanctity of life.
  • Willingness to participate in statewide efforts of California Alliance of Pregnancy Care.
  • Understands that affiliation with CAPC can be revoked if these standards are violated in such a way as there is no remedy or repentance.