God’s word tells us He formed us in our mother’s womb. Every detail was craftily designed by God. Science has demonstrated the creative information in our design was finished at the moment of conception, and contained in a single cell’s DNA. Pregnancy Centers and all who serve in this ministry are called to share this important truth with the love of Jesus. The Supreme Court ruled in 1992 that men and women of good conscience may disagree on this issue, and have their speech protected by the First Amendment. We therefore recognize that like sharing the Gospel, so the effort to return the United States to a culture of life is a one person at a time project. The immensity of this challenge, along with the quantity and volume of our opposition, can be oppressive. Discouragement can easily set in if we lose sight of the calling He has given us. We must remember that He will be faithful to complete what He began in us!

It is an interesting parallel to consider the early life of Moses. God had a purpose for his life before he was born. And yet the demonic forces of his day would have seen Moses murdered. It must have been a terrible reality for his mother to consider the only hope for Moses was to trust him in God’s hand. Imagine the painful choice she made by placing him in a basket afloat on the Nile.  She may have never seen Moses again, and even worse, he could have been saved for mere moments only to be killed by crocodiles. This story is evidence that God completes what He begins by making a way where no way exists. One can come to no other conclusion about Moses’ protection and rise to influence, except by supernatural intervention. God’s plan was carried out and a whole nation was delivered, lives were saved, and the heart of the people began to be turned toward Him. God does not change! He still calls ordinary people to extraordinary tasks. The insurmountable obstacles are nothing when put into this perspective; He loves us, He wants us to serve Him. He will see our work through to completion. Nothing can stand in the way if His plan! Through the perfection of all things, God will bring an end to the barbaric practice of abortion. We are part of that story!